Utah Man Arrested For Illegal Gambling Ring That Makes $ 8 Million A Year

A Utah man faces criminal charges after local authorities tampered with an illegal gambling operation he used to make $ 8 million.

A secret investigation that lasted several months culminated in the arrest of Saif Al-Fatlawi, a business owner in Salt Lake City who owned several gambling machines in his convenient local shops.

Investigations revealed that Al-Fatlawi made $ 23,000 a day in cash from illegal gambling. All forms of gambling are illegal in Utah.

Al-Fatlawi was arrested earlier this year and is now officially facing charges from the Salt Lake District Attorney’s office. The charges include money laundering, transfer of firearms and possession or use of controlled substances dewapoker.

District Attorney Sim Gill told local Fox that the Al-Fatlawi shops were the front part of his gambling operation, which was his main source of income.

“What we have here are several locations that serve as shop fronts, gambling establishments where the main source of income is actually involved in gambling,” said Gill.

When the police raided his shop, they found a machine located in front of the shop and in the basement. An estimate of an estimated five of his daily picks, police figures only claim to have asked for over $ 9,000 in cash.

The gambling charges he faces are low-level, but they lead to more serious accusations. According to detectives, the gun that was thrown out the window was carrying out a search warrant in Al-Fatlawi’s apartment.

There are nine other people seen in the report as Al-Fatlawi employees or colleagues, but none have yet been arrested.